Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defense

The Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defense (KYSEA) is a Governmental Collective Organ which forms the countries national defense and security policies, decides on matters of foreign and defense affairs as well as public policies related to foreign and defense policy. The responsibilities are defined in Article 2, paragraph 4 of PYS (Act of the Council of Ministers) 31/2000 (Article 19 of Presidential Disposition 63/2005) and by more specific provisions of the legislation.
In the KYSEA, after being reformed by the No. 20/27-10-2009 PYS (FEK Α’ 217), participate the Prime Minister as the president and as members the following:

- The Vice President of the Hellenic Government

The Ministers of:
- Interior, Decentralization & E-government
- Finance
- Foreign Affairs
- National Defense
- Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping
- Environment Energy and Climate Change
- Infrastructure, Transport and Networks
- Citizen Protection
- The Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs and
-The Alternate Minister of National Defense.

Additional members that participate without voting rights are, the Chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, when deciding on Defense matters, and the Heads of the Office of the Strategic Design and the Diplomatic Office of the Prime Minister with Prime Minister’s advisor on Defense matters (FEK 217 Α’/29-10-2009).

For ΚYSΕΑ the provisions which are valid are those related to the Governmental Collective Organs (Presidential Disposition 63/2005 FEK A’ 98).