Statements by the Vice President of the Hellenic Government, Theodoros Pangalos following the Economic and Social Affairs meeting. | 21/01/2010

T. PANGALOS: The Commission of Economic and Social Policy of the Ministries’ Council met today where the Prime Minister of Greece was present and two issues constituted the objet of discussion.

One issue is the implementation of the Stability and Growth Program, stating the objectives actions of each Ministry and the setting of a timetable to monitor its progress. Regular meetings regarding this matter will take place and the next will be effectuated the first week of February.

We also discussed to settle once and for all the issue of public enterprises and services of public utility where notified cases the object of which we consider lacking and that should close and other cases that merge of such enterprises is considered a viable in terms of economics notably. It is certain that we are going to apply a general policy of payments’ reduction of Managing Directors’, CEOs Presidents’ and members of the Board of Directors.

These were the subjects of today’s meeting and I thank you very much.

JOURNALIST: What is the magnitude of salary cuts?

T. PANGALOS: I am not in the position to answer this right now. Obviously, it will depend on an implemented system which will have exactly this objective.

JOURNALIST: So, you will not give us an answer?

T. PANGALOS: We will not do something «crazy».

JOURNALIST: Will it also involve Employees?

T. PANGALOS: No, it concerns the Administration Area, the members of the Board of Directors and the Managing Directors who in some cases as you very well know and many times repeated, they obtain «outrageous» salaries.

JOURNALIST: Which Government-owned corporation and enterprise are you referring to, that will be closed or merged together?

T. PANGALOS: There is a list which includes dozens.

JOURNALIST: Are there any examples you can provide us?

T. PANGALOS: No. I do not want to provide any examples; we will provide you the list when this process is completed.

We will first address the matter at the meeting that I mentioned before. Today, we pointed out some cases on which we are going to work and on other that will result from this process, and the first week of February you will receive the results.

JOURNALIST: Are there any issues of privatizations?

T. PANGALOS: No, no; this is another issue.

JOURNALIST: Are you concerned about the crises are experiencing, such as the current issues with the farmers? I mean as a commission, as a Maximos Mansion, as a Government?

T. PANGALOS: Today we did not discuss this issue; yesterday however, as you know, we joined an informal Ministerial Council meeting which lasted six hours regarding this topic. Obviously this indicates that we are concerned about this situation, otherwise we would not discuss this for six hours.

We are concerned for the farmers. We are worrying about farmers. However, the laws in Greece should be applied and to be able to incorporate the social request to the harmonic function of the whole society.

No one should dictate their will over others with violence and brutality. This is not fair, nor acceptable by the Greek people.

JOURNALIST: The timetable you mentioned regarding the Stability Program. Which are its major goals?

T. PANGALOS: There is a timetable, which is defined by the Stability Program, and which you have.

This is a timetable implementation. You know however that among schedules and their implementation, some times, delays occur. These delays we are trying today to reduce and we will.