Press Release: Meeting of the Economic and Social Affairs Committee regarding the merger or annulment of Public Organizations.

Press Release


Today, the Economic and Social Affairs Committee convened under the presidency of the Vice President of the Hellenic Government, Theodoros Pangalos, exclusively on the merger or annulment of Public Organizations, for which the operational is not considered to correspond to the service provided, or for the better coordination and effectiveness of the Governmental operations. This action is part of the Stability and Growth Program implementation.

More than 200 Public Entities were submitted in an evaluation process while setting specific time targets for the final decision on the merger or annulment for most of them. Examples include the following cases:

A) The possibility of creating a Multi-Branch – Technology Center is being under consideration, which will include Public Entities such as the Ceramic and Refractories Technological Development Company (CERECO) SA, Meallurgical Industrial Research & Technology Development Center (MIRTEC) SA, Hellenic Center of Pottery (ELKEA) SA, Hellenic Center of Silversmiths’s Trade (HE.CE.SI.T.) SA and others (Responsibility of the Regional, Development and Competitiveness Ministry).

B) It is being considered to establish a Unified Standards – Metrology Agency, which will incorporate organizations such as the National Standardization Body (ELOT), Hellenic Accreditation System (E.SY.D), Hellenic Institute of Metrology (EIM), after resolving any possible legal issues. (Responsibility of the above Ministry).

C) The integration of the Gas Distribution Company SA into the Public Gas Corporation SA (DEPA) is being promoted. (Responsibility of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Ministry).

D) The integration of 16 Administrative Agencies that join the Rural Development and Food Ministry, into three categories, based on the subject activity as follows:

1. Agriculture Research – Training – Information, which will include: The National Agricultural Research Foundation (N.AG.RE.F.), Institute of Agricultural Research (IGE), Benaki Phytopathological Institute (B.P.I.), Organization of Agricultural Vocational Education Training and Employment «DIMITRA» (O.G.E.E.K.A.), Koniarion Institute of citruses of korinthia Fisheries Development Association (ETANAL) SA.

2. Food Provisions including: The Hellenic Food Authority (EFET), Hellenic Institute of Dairy and Meat (ELOGAK), Agricultural Products Certification and Supervision Organization (AGROCERT), Hellenic National Dairy Committee, Athens Central Market Organization, Thessaloniki Central Market Organization.

3. Payments – Controls including: The Payment and Control Agency for Guidance and Guarantee Community Aids (OPEKEPE), Hellenic Agricultural Insurance Organization (ELGA), AGROGI, KTGK.

E) The Annulment of the National Social Cohesion Funds as inactive (Responsibility of the Finance Ministry)

F) The Annulment of inactive Entities of the Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs Ministry is being promoted, such as the: National Academy of Letter and Science, Ionian Academy, Interuniversity Research Council, Aquaculture Center of Achelloos (ACEA) SA, Marine Technology Development Company (EANT) SA.

The unified management of the property of the Greek Public Sector as well as of the organizations involved is considered as necessary. Similarly, the improvements of the transportation system Agencies’ of Attica, for which the Committee will soon take decisions.

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