Implementation Report for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Action projects Νο. 1

The Office of the Vice President of the Hellenic Government in cooperation with the Prime Minister’s Office systematically monitors the major Information and Communication Technology (ICT) actions.
Each action requires the horizontal mobilization of the Ministries and Services, and combined with the public sector procedures arise serious obstacles for their implement causing thus delays.
To better coordinate the implementation, July 13, 2010 a meeting took place in the Office of the Vice President of the Hellenic Government, with the participation of all competent General and Special Secretaries related to the Information and Communication Technology actions.

At the meeting was decided to make operating a supporting team in cooperation with the Office of the Vice President and the Prime Minister’s Office which will:
a. Hold systematic scheduled meetings, with each action responsible Secretaries and their associates, for the implementation process status of each action,
b. Implements an executive action monitoring system, analyzed into several steps, from which derives a monthly report that will be published on-line,
c. Creates a monthly progress report, so that in case of delay on time interventions can take place.

This supporting team started its first meetings in July and on September 30 completed the second round of meetings. A total of 21 meetings took place on the level of General Secretaries, and 7 meetings for Associates.
Based on the meetings above, are imprinted the actions, steps, the level of implementation, the responsible authorities and its completion timetables.
The timetable schedule is included in the Information and Communication Technology Actions implementation report Νο. 1 / 07.10.2010.

Although the enormous benefits of the ICT Action project implementation are well know to the Public Sector, there appear important implementation delays and problems. It has been estimated that only the “Electronic Receipts and other Tax information management System” such as “Electronic Prescribing”, “Fuel Purchase”, “Unified Salary Authority and register of public servants”, “Online Budget Management”, alone can save from 7 up to 10 billion annually, depending on the action projects implementation completion status.

Up to now, 124 specific steps have been placed which have to be implemented in the framework of actions among which few appear to be completed.

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