Press Release: Interministerial Commission on establishment, annulment, restructuring and modification of Services, Councils, Committees and Agencies of the public sector.

Today, November 22, 2010, a Interministerial meeting under the presidency of the Vice President took place at the Vice President’s office, for the establishment, annulment, restructuring and modification of Services, Councils, Committees and Agencies of the public sector with subjects: 1) The annulment of the S.A companies “ΑΓΡΟΤΗΜΑ Α.Ε.” and “ΟΠΕΠ Α.Ε.”, 2) Speeding up of Mergers.

1st Item

The commission, having considered all information and data, decided for:

a) The annulment of the Company “ΑΓΡΟΤΗΜΑ Α.Ε.” which was established in 2009 and served as a motor for large-scale waste, but also for a number of illegal hiring. More specifically, on August 26, 2009 34 contracts were concluded outside the area process of ASEP (Supreme Council for Personnel Selection) under a status of opacity.Currently, the available balance of the company amounts to approximately 20 euro, while its shares capital is 450.000€,

b) the annulment of the Company “ΟΠΕΠ Α.Ε.”, where only during the period July – September 2009 more than 170 people were unnecessarily hired, which caused the payroll to increase from 250.000€ to 600.000€ for the month of September 2009. It is noted that some of the new recruited employees received 4,000 or even 5000 Euros on monthly basis. The annulment of ΟΠΕΠ ΑΕ followed after the annulment of its Board of Directors.

2nd Item

After the successful completion of the first action plan of the Interministerial Commission, it became obvious that the acceleration of the overall process therefore should be associated with the general policy for the restructuring of the State, which has 4 main action tasks.

a. The reformation of the Ministries and their departments in order to reduce the total number of subordinate services.

b. The merger and annulments of public sector agencies (including the completion of the Unified Agencies Register, since so far Greek State did not have such a tool)

c. The human resource management based on recent census of the public sector employees

d. Legislation Codification

For the first and third action the Ministry of Interior, Decentralization & E-government has the main responsibility while for the second activity the Vice President of the Government is mainly responsible in assistance with the General Secretary of the Hellenic Government, as for the fourth action task, the responsibility goes to the State Minister.
The objective is to establish a “State Kallikrates”. In order to achieve the necessary coordination of the four partial actions, a Task Force is formed, with the participating of the Office of the Vice President, the Office of the Minister of Interior, Decentralization & E-government, the Office of Minister of Finance, the Office of the Minister of State and Investment and the Office of the General Secretary of the Government.