Implementation Report for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Actions Νο. 2 | 30.11.2010

November 30, 2010 | Government Tasks, ICT Projects

The Implementation Report for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) action plan is prepared by the Office of the Vice President of the Hellenic Government and Prime Minister’s E-Government office.

The ICT reforms reports consists of four parts:

A. Actions which are either of immediate priority and emerge from Program Application for Greece Financial Support or part of the Prime Ministers priority agenda.

B. Actions which are going to be implemented co-financed projects funded by NSRF and the Management Programs Administrative Reform and Digital Convergence.

C. Projects had been funded in the past (3rd Community Framework) in a productive operational stage.

D. Actions which are being implemented by the Public Sector with the expenses of the regular budget.

The four ICT action plan report parts, constitute the implementation of the digital strategy of the country and from now on are recorded and monitored uniformly. The main objective is to obtain a total image for the actions held or supposed to be implemented in Greece in the ICT field, the central coordination, the increase of benefits and the maximum result of their function.

This complete image will enable us, in coordination with the Ministries and relevant agencies, meaning the funding authorities, the entities for the function of the system and its implementation. Additionally, we will be given the opportunity to improve the services provided by the State to its citizens and businesses in a short period of time, and of course to maximize the benefits for national and community resources which are being spent.

In part B and C of the report are depicted the most significant actions on the basis of natural object and Budget, while the goal for the next stage is to publish all the actions. Part D will contain analytical details in the next stage, which is scheduled to be published late January 2011. For the moment is estimated an expenditure of 400 mill. Euros from the state budget per year for ICT projects.

  • The actions which have been scheduled until now within NSRF framework, have a total budget of 1.088.941.680 Euros,
  • Actions which have been implemented in the 3rd Community Support Framework, had a total budget of 2.564.719.366 Euros. Notably for those of the 3rd Community Framework Support, it is noted that they are outlined with a budget of more than 1,000,000 Euros..

You can download the report from the following link:
ICT REPORT ΝΟ 2 – 30.11.2010 (Greek)

The report data in xls format: ICT MASTER PLAN 30.11.2010 (Greek) and ods format: ICT MASTER PLAN 30.11.2010 ods (Greek)