Business meetings with Gulf countries.

In an effort to overcome the serious problems caused by the global economic crisis and in order to promote entrepreneurship in our country, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE accepted to participate in separate two-day business meetings to contact the Greek companies and be informed on investment frameworks which have been developed recently in Greece and can possibly proceed into business collaborations.

It is estimated from the side of the Gulf countries that:

- Even in times of crisis, they are offered many valuable investment opportunities in the areas of energy, tourism, transport, new technologies, food, rural development and the pharmaceutical industry.

- The European Union in economic and investment environment ensures institutional stability.

The organization of the first-two-day meeting with the United Arab Emirates is set for 11-12 January 2012.

This effort is coordinated by the Vice-President of the Government, Theodoros Pangalos, in to which the Prime Minister has assigned the responsibility of the initiative to support entrepreneurship.

To participate, fill out the application form by clicking here.

Suggestions of mature business plans will be promoted in English for evaluation by the competent institution; to promote investment in Greece, at the following

Because the programs are addressed to foreign investors, they are necessarily in English.