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ICT Projects

September 24, 2010 @ 12:44 |

The Prime Minster, after the elections and the governance assumption of the Hellenic Government, formed his agenda in order to implement major Information and Communication Technology (ICT) actions, which will help the state to computerize, to fight against tax evasion, to control expenditure efficiently, to rationalize the public sector, to effectively manage its human resources, to create new infrastructures to assist development, to promote educational process and effectively raise tourism in our country.

It is estimated that the implementation processing will save more than 10 billion of the state budget.

The Prime Minister’s agenda includes a total of 24 fundamental actions 11 of which are of priority (in bold letters):

1. Institutional Framework for Procurement and RFQs

2. Fuel Purchase

3. Electronic Prescribing

4. Unified Salary Authority and register of public servants

5. Productive function of Hospitals Informatics System

6. Citizens Card

7. Online Budget Monitoring

8. Geodata and Services for the Public Sector

9. National Registers

10. National Identification and Authentication Services

11. National Broadband Network FTTH

12. Public Sector Administrative Network – Syzefxis ΙΙ

13. Cloud computing

14. School, University of Knowledge

15. Culture – Tourism Content

16. Public Sector Property

17. Electronic Services for Tax Justice

18. e-Kallikrates

19. Creation – Initiation for Business in one step

20. Digital Justice

21. Open Public Sector Data

22. Utilization of the 3rd Community Framework Support Projects

23. Information System Security

24. Receipts and other Tax information management System

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