Mergers / Closing/ Restructuring of the public sector institutions

According to the Prime Minister’s decision Y169/13-1-2010 (Government Gazette FEK 19 B ‘/ 15.01.2010), the Ministerial Advisory Committee was reconstructed for the closing, merger and restructuring of services, councils, committees and institutions of the public sector. The jurisdiction of this Commission is to deliver an opinion to the Prime Minister on the establishment, closing, mergers of agencies, organizations and institutions of the public sector.

Gov. FEK Advisory Committee B19(Greek PDF)

So far eight committee meetings took place and have resulted as following:

A) The Law 3895/2010 was passed through which were closed / merged 77 institutions of the public sector. Following the enactment of Law 3895/2010 (Government Gazette 206a ‘/ 12.8.2010) was issued (on December 22 2010) the relevant circular of the Ministry of Interior, Decentralization and e-governance, which regulated the application of the Law, including personnel issues.

1st Law Mergers, No. 3895/2010 “Closing and mergers of services, organizations and public sector institutions” (Click Here – Greek PDF).

B) Was passed the Law 4002/2011 (FEK Government Gazette 180 A ‘/ 08.22.2011, multi bill by the Ministry of Finance), for closing and merging of 44 other public sector institutions. The Ministry of Finance has undertaken to publish the relevant circular on the implementation of Law.

2nd Law Mergers, No. 4002/2011 “Amendment of the pension legislation of the Public sector – Regulations regarding development and financial consolidation – Jurisdictional issues of the Ministries of Finance, Culture and Tourism and Labour and Social Security” CHAPTER I. CLOSING AND MERGING OF SERVICES AND LEGAL ENTITIES OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR (click here – Greek PDF)

To effectively promote the activities of the mergers, the Office of the Vice-President of the Government proceeded since January 2010 in designing the project funded by the NSRF – Operational Programme for Administrative Reform. The project aims at accelerating mergers and closing of the public sector institutions under the coordination of the central government and with the initiative of the Office of the Vice-President of the Government. The Information Society SA is designated as the implementing agent to promote the project under the supervision of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance.

The project supports the Interministerial Commission for Mergers and the Government as well for:

  1. Data processing of institutions, single agencies register, feasibility studies for agents and recommendation to the committee on mergers and closings.
  2. Implementation of decisions of the committee, ie implementation and monitoring of mergers or liquidations, reorganizing of agents which were merged and so on.

In particular, certain actions among those which can be financed by the project constitute:

  • The creation of a single registry of legal entities of the public sector including continuous updating process and information.
  • Classification of institutions and recording of the real activity
  • Recasting of the institutional and legal framework
  • Feasibility studies of mergers in thematic groups (at least 20 teams)
  • Formulation of a general methodology for mergers, development roadmap preparation.
  • Preparation of legislation regulations.
  • Procedures for public online consultation
  • Preparation of business plans for the agents
  • Execution of the process mergers or closing (liquidation or what is provided by law)
  • Human Resources Management study
  • Supporting of agents in their original function
  • Informatics Management System and monitoring procedures
  • Publicity and information actions
The project is funded by the NSRF at 100%.