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Unified Agencies Register

June 21, 2010 @ 12:52 |

Following a mandate of the Vice President of the Hellenic Government Mr.Theodoros Pangalos, started a whole effort in order to create a single unified registry of the Public sector and the State Agencies. In this registry will be included all agencies from the public and broader public sector. The Agencies will be updated under the responsibility of the Ministries, while the Vice President’s office is proceeding in data comparison control with registries by the Political Employees Joint Funds, the Ministry of Interior, the General Secretary of Informatics Systems and other sources. The update process is underway.

The Unified Agencies Register is implemented online so the Ministries, or any other interested department, has real time access to the data. Agencies data may be updated continuously.

After the Registry has been completed, it is provided to be published on the website, so that the citizens of the Hellenic Government can be directly informed about public sector Agencies.

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