Monitoring activities for the centre of Athens

Based on the Prime Minister’s decision, the Vice-President of the Government Mr. Theodoros Pangalos was assigned to monitor the actions in order to upgrade the centre of Athens, according to the decision of the Ministerial Council held on 16/5/2011.

Action Plan for the City of Athens (Greek pdf)

Six myths and one truth. Article of the Vice-President of the Government Mr. Theodoros Pangalos, in the newspaper “Kathimerini”, 21.06.2011 (Greek)

Results of actions implementing on the centre of Athens. (Greek)

Action Plan for the City of Athens. 3rd Report 10.08.2011 – 24.11.2011.

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In the framework of the upgrading of the Centre of Athens, the Vice-President of the Government Theodoros Pangalos, has undertaken coordination in the process of formulating and implementing actions of all agents involved mainly or incidentally in the implementation of those policies.

Although the coordination task started a few months ago, it has already produced the first tangible results, which have been published along with the first two Reports.

Today, Thursday, November 24, 2011, is published the third Report on the upgrade of the Centre of Athens, the positive course of which is clearly indicated in order to continue and implement the relevant actions.

It is worth mentioning that measures by the Hellenic Parliament have passed which will lead to the “return” of residents to the Centre and the regeneration of the area, such as the tax incentives for the rehabilitation and the modernization of buildings of the areas ‘Gerani and Kerameikos-Metaxourgeio”.

To ensure safer living conditions of 2.085 new police officers who swore in October 2, 2.033 were placed in the General Police Directorate of Attica. In addition, some 1.200 special guards will assist in tackling crime in the basin. A special planning is adjusted to combat theft, robbery at the premises and the trains of the Metro and Athens and Pireus Electric Railways, and the B Zone of Policing in the areas of Agios Panteleimon, Kipseli, Patision, Kolonos, as well as Exarchia and Petralona.

In an effort to overcome the scourge of illegal trade, our attention focuses on the entry of illegal shipments. For this reason, the Ministry of Finance incorporates electronic automatic recording vehicle to tackle cross-border smuggling of goods at Customs and X-RAY Systems of solid position to check luggage and parcels.

As the National Plan on Drugs is being implemented thanks to combined efforts, the first visible results are to be noted such as the effort to dismantle ghettos from the centre of the city and the closing of the OKANA (Organization to tackle drugs) Unit in the area of ​​Exarchia. From now on, the addicted person constitutes a patient and is addressed to the new special units in hospitals; consequently, the waiting time for the list is reduced.

Efforts continue to reduce the number of illegal immigrants. It is worth noting that they have deported 23.000 migrants and 1.500 has opted for the voluntary return program (from 01.01.2010 to 31.10.2011).

Finally, specific interventions have been completed or advanced such as: the protection of public health, the creation of social infrastructure, the urban regeneration to improve Athens, the strengthening cultural identity and other that will gradually transform Athens into an attractive and safer city.